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keif simon
Username: keifsimon
First Visit: Sep 8, 2001
Last Visit: Sat, Sep 8, 2001, 2:43pm
Location:Albion, New Jersey
About You:i first saw moxy at singer singwriter weekend a few years ago at penns landing pa.and thought they were awsome. i ran out and bought barginville. my friends have seen them before at philly folk fest and told me about but no other band has ever grabbed me like that except rush.must be the canada thing. i later saw them at scottish rite audturim in collingswood nj and got there autograhs.they are nice guys and seem like the guys next music likes jump around from arlo githrie to sinatra, guy clark and kinky friedman to kiss.(if you never heard of kinky friedman or guy clark try to find their stuff they are the greatest country singer/songwriters ever.) and im always looking forward to seeing moxy again.i also collect comics and autographs.

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