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Kris Barnett
Username: kaybee
First Visit: Jul 3, 2001
Last Visit: Tue, Jul 3, 2001, 5:42pm
Location:Austin, Texas
About You:As the band played on through my speakers, I heard the energetic and more energetic (as if bleeding life for what it's worth) sounds of King of Spain, whilst appreciating the mouth-watering-as-if-about-hear-good poetry of the Gulf War Song. Whereas the level of "Fruhead" i do not feel I have yet reached, I do realize the complexities of Moxy Fru. Being a TMBG-freak, I know good shit, and Moxy belongs on my CD shelf, next to the Johns. About me? Poor gay college student, listens to great music, math and communication are my forte. All else lies within a movie in Video Bragainville.

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