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Happy Norm
Username: justnorm
First Visit: Jul 8, 2001
Last Visit: Sat, Dec 22, 2001, 12:16am
Location:Madison, Wisconsin
Homepage:I Wish I Had One
About You:I got into Fruvous the I suppose the way most people did. I had a dream were an ancient wizard came to me and told me to go out a buy an album by a canadian band with a strange name. So it was ether Fruvous or Loverboy, and as much as I am Working for the Weekend, I chose Fruvous. You know as kind of a left wing midly cooky kind of guy it was great to find this band. The all seem like such awsome people. Now very, very sadly I have never seen them live. Yes I know im ashemed of myslef too, and when I do this information will be altered and I will never speak of this period again. But for now I am no where near Fruhead, or even real Fru fan, im just a guy who likes Fruvous, and I hope that some of your collective Moxy lovin can rub of on me.

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