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Basic Information

Aliya Chaidez
Username: jian_lover
First Visit: Nov 30, 1999
Location:Vancouver, Washington
About You:My name is Aliya Chaidez and I have been a fruvous fan for three years. Jian is the most attractive man on this planet, to bad that he's old enough to be my father, almost. I live in Vancouver, WA and have only been to 2 fruvous concerts, I can't drive myself yet. I will soon be a groupy when I graduate!!! I really love the middle ages. I would scan pics but I don't have a scanner! I am looking for other fru-fans in my area or anyone who likes to email. I love Jian!!! Aliya Chaidez P.S. I re-wrote the lyrics to "the drinking song" to fit SCA events. If anyone knows what the SCA is, or is a member, write me!

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