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Scott Maciejewski
Username: fruvey
First Visit: Aug 29, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Aug 12, 2004, 3:39pm
Location:Cheektowaga, New York
About You:I got into the Fruv Gruv just about the same time that "Bargainville" was released. I bought a Canadian Music compilation that had "My baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" on it, and went out and bought "B'ville" the next day. The thing I like most about Fruvous is that every disc has something new on it. Their style personifies change and growth, and you have to admire a band that challenges their own success with change. I have also seen them four times in concert. You have not lived unless you have seen them live. I am a big fan of Canadian Music in general. I am lucky enough to live near the border, and have exposure to several Canadian Music stations. Spirit of the West, The Watchmen, Tragically Hip, The Waltons, Barenaked Ladies (although "Stunt" sucked big time), Big Sugar, The Paperboys (Great Great Band!!!!!)...These are just a few Canadian Bands you should check out, if you haven't yet!

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