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Sarah Hinzman
Username: francis
First Visit: Mar 3, 2000
About You:I am a senior at Penn State University ( I'll be graduating May 13th - Yeah). I first saw Moxy play at the Philly Folk Fest a couple of years ago, and I was hooked. I have since seen them perform two other times and bought almost all of their albums. Unfortunately when I went to help my mother move a week before Christmas some degenerate broke into my car and stole everything inside - including all of my Moxy CDs. So now I am slowly trying to rebuild my collection of Moxy music. The night of the theft I was a pretty die-hard fan because I cased the neighbor hood for three hours looking for suspicious characters who might have been boping to my stolen music or wearing some of my clothes (Yes they were stolen too!!). My mother finally convinced me that I should stop cruising the neighborhood like a mad-woman and try to get some sleep. I found this site randomly while I was trying to avoid doing drudgery at work.

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