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Deanna Rubin
Username: deanna
First Visit: Nov 18, 1999
Last Visit: Wed, Nov 1, 2000, 4:36pm
About You:I keep meeting such nice people at Fruvous shows so I figured I'd sign up here so I can find them and they can find me.

Anyway, I first heard of Fruvous back in 1993, but didn't actually really start listening to them until an officemate played Bargainville day out and day in during the summer of '97... started going to shows this year, and now I'm totally hooked on them! They've become my favorite band with English lyrics (i'm mostly a japanese rock junkie now..) I've been to seven shows now, mostly around pittsburgh and a few in the midwest (notably chicago). I had to miss frucon :(

my favorite Fruvous songs are Jian's sappy songs, and I will freely admit that I cried when I heard him sing I Will Hold On, Fly, and Misplaced at concerts. :)

okay, that's enough for now.


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