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Username: bareena
First Visit: Nov 11, 2000
Last Visit: Mon, Jan 16, 2006, 6:23pm
Location:Columbus, Ohio
About You:, according to this prompt, I'm supposed to tell you a little about myself. Well, what would you like to know? I'm a grad student in entomology (so, yes, I play with bugs and like it, darn it!), and, if all goes well, I'll have my master's at the end of next spring or summer. (My research isn't doing so wonderfully at the moment, so I'm not making or taking any bets on my graduation date. I'm thinking of just transferring to another program, anyway.) I haven't decided what I want to do after--and if--I finally finish this freakin' degree. Whatever the next phase of my life turns out to be, I'd like it to involve significant amounts of either international travel or living abroad. Should I go for a doctorate? Join the Peace Corps? Chuck the bugs and teach English abroad? If you've got any suggestions, let me know. I make some money on the side doing some translation work from Spanish into English. I'm going for ATA (American Translators Association) certification by the end of the summer of '03. Wish me luck with the exam (I've heard it's grueling), and feel free to send me anything you need to have translated. I first learned about Fruvous almost 10 years ago (my, how time flies) when I walked into a friend's dorm room and heard "Spiderman" playing on someone's CD player. I rushed out and bought a copy of _Bargainville_. I became hooked. I'm friends with Mollie Driscoll, the very cool person who introduced me to FHDC and who took me to many Fruvous shows. I've been learning Portuguese and listening to a lot of Brazilian music recently. (I'd love to go to Brazil some time!) A friend of mine came back from Brazil recently, and he brought CD A of Jorge Ben Jor's MTV Acustico recordings. That CD ROCKS with its evocative lyrics, beautiful melodies, and addictive rhythms. The same can be said for another CD, _Beleza Tropical 1_. Fernanda Abreu, a Brazilian rapper/pop singer, is worth checking out, too. (She can have some nutball ideas, though--in one of her songs on one of her CDs, _Raio X_, she says that Mike Tyson should be freed! Um...I don't think so, lady.) _The Essential Brazil_, a 2 CD set, is well worth the money. Those discs have great songs from a variety of Brazilian genres, all of which are incredible. I'm excited because a guy named Caetano Veloso is coming to my fair (well, fair enough, anyway) city in November! (Check out _Beleza Tropical 1_ and you'll see--or, rather, hear-- why I'm so keyed up about this.) Oh, and a quick note about my bookmarks. I only included URLs to sites that I liked that were unlikely to be listed on other Fruheads' profiles. There's lots of more usual stuff I like--the Straight Dope, for example--that I didn't link to simply because several other people have that bookmark in already. Mollie Driscoll (or O'Driscoll--however she's decided to spell and say it these days) and Jonathan Simon have some pretty neat links that you might want to check out.

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