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Valerie Ozincov
Username: Valkov
First Visit: Jan 4, 2002
Last Visit: Fri, Jan 4, 2002, 11:20pm
About You:Perhaps more would be reccomended for such a lovely website *gah* coffta shoved me a cd... i listened i enjoyed i stole lauras i ripped it i laughed then i decided to sleep for a while that was 16 months ago..... the humor has left somehow but yet i still remain...... purple is a fruit and random is the way of all things ordered heh purple... look at the fallen citidel its ruins crumble apon the randomly tiled floor. the dust settles apon that little thingy over there.... i looks like a giant red glowing button.. your tempted to press it.. sooo very tempted..... theres a sign 'dont press da button' it makes you uncontrollably slap your self until you regain control of your instinctual nature you press it bwhahahahahahahahahahahaaha! Im Floating!!!!! -prof membrane Ive had enough from your filthy mouth filled with.. corn! 'i havent been eating corn' LIAR! -zim & dib

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