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I am not THE Stacey Wong
Username: StaceyWong
First Visit: Oct 23, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Dec 19, 2002, 12:07pm
Location:East Hartford, Connecticut
About You:I was just a small fan of Moxy Fruvous, enjoying their songs, going along with the crowd. And then, I finally made my way to a concert of theirs (or two), and my life was forever changed. Okay, so maybe it wasn't that drastic... but, I was way impressed by their performance! Favorite Band Member: Murray (He's Dreamy) Favorite Song: Right now, it's "On Her Doorstep", although it changes every 10 minutes. Favorite Song Remix: Video Disco Bargainville!!!! Favorite Fruheads: Chris Murphy, Geoffrey Williams, Melissa Ahart, and Scott Shaw


This is not me... hit me baby, one more time...Okay... this is me for realSink sink! Do somesink!!!Stacey is Silly!
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