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Basic Information

Username: Squee-chan
First Visit: Jun 29, 2000
Last Visit: Thu, Oct 16, 2003, 10:31pm
About You:It's been a zillion years since I touched this thing. Yow.

Jes graduated Ontario High School, and am searching for meaning in this twisted world of ours. And perhaps a regular source of income.

My quasi-band, the Art School Rejects, are in the process of creating our debut album, which will hopefully kick ass (we're not sure how to do this sorta thing... any advice would be appreciated).

Feel free to Frümessage me or email me if you have anything at all to say, eh? Okay, I'm going to jump aboard the bandwagon and start a quotations section here.

"This has got to be the only place in the world where someone can be swinging a dead mouse around while talking and no-one will even look twice." -Carol at the Toronto Wildlife Centre

"Vyxqui, you really are a cookie." -Ben

"And old married couples should never date!" -Jenny

"I try to make everyone's day a little more surreal." -Calvin

"I think we just generate hilarity." -Danny

"I spent all of yesterday throwing up. I got really good at it toward the end!" -Martina Sorbara


"According to my calculations chocolate accounts for 60 percent of the average woman's diet. The other 40 being man soul." - Hotnit

"This man is a genius!" -Dick Solomon on Dr. Seuss

"Lina is the prime example of a "womyn"! Loud and obnoxious! Hey maybe I'm a womyn?" - Hotnit again

"That's 'cause you're a drummer! And drummers are not human!"


Tranquility Under PressureKsenija and Squee all dolled up for high school FormalEveryone loves a woman in uniform.Go ahead and ask.
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