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Sigrid B.
Username: Sig
First Visit: Dec 10, 1999
About You:Couldn't live without music (could do without Dance, techno, hiphop and rap, though), but everything else is pretty much up there. Among my favourite bands are Moxy Früvous (duh), Guster, Great Big Sea, Slàinte Mhath, Kilt....and the list goes on. If it's Celtic and/or Canadian, chances are really good that I'll like it, but are fortunately not limited to those groups. Life would be so dull otherwise. I go to the University of Toronto on a part-time basis and am striving for a B.A. in English Literature. Other interests: I love reading; I love learning new things; I find museums and historic sites absolutely fascinating; I like history; I enjoy socialising, but TV can keep me entertained as well (Gotta love Buffy and Angel!); I like travelling, FruTripping among the fave types and I think I'll just stop there. And that would be it for this little FruSmurf (name on amm-f). How I got into Früvous? Easy. I heard them on the radio back in 1992 and really liked what I heard. When I saw them live the following New Year's Eve at Mel Lastman Square, I realised that I really, really liked them.

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