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Sean M.S.
Username: Sean111
First Visit: Aug 5, 2000
Last Visit: Tue, Aug 15, 2000, 7:21pm
Location:Ilion, New York
About You:Skinny white boy with a mission; Its not easy be messianic. My fascination with Fruvous began when God said unto me "Sean, Hey, Sean, no over here, Sean. That's it. Yes, Sean, This is God." And I said "Oh, hi God. How are things?" He said "Oh you know, same old same old." and I said "Well, that's good." Then he Said, “How’s the messiah racket treating you?” and I said “Well, it could be better, but you knew that, now didn’t you?” He said “Well yes, but that’s not what I’m hear to talk to you about. I’d like to talk to you about your last CD purchases.” I said “My last CD purchases? What of them?” He said, “Well, you seem to be a bit behind the times. I mean, we all loved Air Supply, but sometimes we just have to let go, move on. Do you understand what I’m saying?” I said, “I’m afraid I don’t, God.” And then, God said unto me the words that would change my life. He said, “I think perhaps it’d be in your best interests to look into genres of music other than 1980s pop. I’ve had my eye on this shnazy little group by the name of Moxy Fruvous. Their witty lyrics and clever harmonies are just what a messiah like you needs to catch the attention of the masses.” I said, “Hmmm, you know, you’re right. I have been meaning to take a spiritual journey to a new genre of music. Perhaps these Fruvous characters are just the thing to get me going.” He said “That a boy. Now, I had better get going, I have heathens to smite, I’ll talk to you again around the holiday.” And with that a beautiful seraph led me to Sam Goody, where I purchased my first Moxy Fruvous CD, Bargainville. True Story.

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