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Username: Rickev
First Visit: Sep 9, 2002
Last Visit: Thu, Dec 12, 2002, 9:57pm
Location:Riverside, California
About You:The whole Fruvous thing happened when some friend of mine back in 1996 picked up a CD with a wierd rendition of a dog on it. ("Yea this explains it... they're Canadian.") We got home, put it in, and we were immediately interested in concert info. Didn't quite get to one until '99 in San Fran. (School, Altan winning the coin toss, money...) Great on CD...Masters on stage. But then, you all know that Me? I'm a Chem. Engr. at the fatally unknown University of California, Riverside. This will be my sixth year at college and still no degree to show for it!!! Hope inspires those with nothing. I also like hiking the Trinity Alps of the TRUE northern California, swimming in the cold waters of the Oregon coast, reading Robert Jordan and I find that 'Pissing the night away' is indeed very relaxing. Other music I enjoy would be the Irish, Scottish, and even British stuff--Dervish, Nic Jones, Kate Rusby, and Battlefield Band come to mind. I also enjoy a bit of the Scandinavian folk stuff and would love to be able to go--someday--to the Minnesotan Nordic Roots Festival and see all the greats--Tallroth, Hardelin, JPP, etc. Next on my list would be to see Bela Fleck on the stage of Mr. Prairie Home Companion himself, Garrison Keilor. Are these things to much to hope for? 'Course not!! The truly impossible is the wait for the next Fruvous tour. Come on guys!! Lets snap it up a bit!! A new CD--ANYTHING!?

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