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Username: LadyFru
First Visit: Jul 14, 2000
Last Visit: Fri, Jun 15, 2007, 6:41pm
Location:Wellington, New Zealand
About You:I LOVE MF, I listen to them all the time , In New Zealand no one has heard of the guys, I am gonna work on converting everyone to becoming Fruheads, my goal is to go to a Concert one day, just hasta be one, and to met all the group, not alot else I can tell you all really..cept Moxy Fr�vous RULE!! Apart from that I am a great muzik lover, I have tons and tons of CD's and I collect Videos as well, ya can never get enuff muzik. I have one Cat called Skippy, who is 10 years old, even tho she thinks she is still a kitten And if you ever get the chance to visit New Zealand you'll love it it's a beautiful country... And if u ever come to Wellington which is the Capital of NZ as well, look me up or send me a email I would love to met a FruHead :) Oh if you use Aim Instant Messenger you'll find me there Screen names ------> take a guess ... FruBabe, look me up I enjoy chatting

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