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Username: IRoc113
First Visit: Jul 6, 2003
Last Visit: Sun, Jul 6, 2003, 2:04am
About You:There is this other one to: Miss Lucy had a baby and named it Tiny Tim! She put it in the bathtun to see if it could swim! It drank up all the water! It ate up all the soap! It tried to eat the bathtub but it didn't go down his throat! Miss Lucy called the docter The Docter called the nurse The nurse called the lady with the Alligator purse! In came the docter! In came the nurse! In came the lady with the Alligator purse! "Measles," said the doctor. "Mumps," said the nurse. "Nothing," said the lady With the alligator purse. Miss Lucy kicked the doctor. Miss Lucy kicked the nurse. Miss Lucy paid the lady With the alligator purse!

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