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JMU FruGals
Username: FruGals
First Visit: Nov 21, 1999
About You:Ok, so here's our history: We love Moxy and began listening to them a few months ago and were hooked. Some of our interests include: 1) 1:30am trips to Waffle House 2) power lifting (setting 3 world records!) 3) skipping out on midterms to see the boys (Moxy, that is) 4) being ethnic 5) randomly listening to Fly and doing interpretive dances to it 6) driving all hours of the night to see Moxy 7) reading 8) cross stich 9) running 10) skiing 11) soccer 12) finding a song for every situation 13) helping residents with their issues 14) helping RAs with their issues and many more. We like to listen to everything! DMB, Moxy of course, Tori, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, BNL, Counting Crows, Soundtrack to Rent, REM, Harry Connick Jr., Miles Davis, and cool local bands. Ok, so Amy is taking over... I got into Fruvous in Feb, 1999, when a friend of mine, Vickie, dragged me to the 9:30 club to see a band that I never heard of. As soon as Jian and Murray stepped onto the stage, I fell in love. I've been a fan ever since. After the trip to DC, I came home and looked them up on the web page. We had our trip to Canada for FruCon planned within a day. I've been to four of their shows so far. Anyway, so I'm a resident advisor and kinda sorta forced Moxy's music on my residents... Story from Atasi and Natalie: We had to come to school in August and hear Moxy on Amy's stereo 24/7. Of course, we were curious to find out who they were. And Amy slowly infiltrated our musical repetoire with Moxy. Amy got a video from their Feb. 21 concert from a FruHead, Valerie, and that helped us even further with the Fruvous Joy. But, as soon as we saw them live, on Nov. 20, we were completely loved/infatuated/obsessed with the guys and the music. We were just digging the guys. And that's our story.

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