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Boots Marcovici
Username: Boots
First Visit: Oct 13, 1999
Last Visit: Sat, Jun 9, 2001, 7:11pm
Location:NYC, New York
About You:Eeps! I'm a grown up! Well, close enough... I live in Manhattan, work in the telecommunications Industry, and spend my free time wandering around the city, listening to music, and dancing... Lately I have gotten really into Swing dancing, but I keep my eyes peeled *ouch* for Fruvous concerts in the area... I got into Fruvous via some friends in Boston who are utterly enamored of the band, and after attending a concert I understood why! I'm always looking for people who are interested in gettting together before/after concerts, so drop me a line if you are looking for company at a concert.. :)

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