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Michael Lenhart
Username: Addison
First Visit: Oct 15, 1999
Last Visit: Thu, Nov 2, 2000, 4:18pm
Homepage:I don't have one
About You:I suppose Moxy Fruvous would be the third group included in my list of the greatest artists out there:They Might Be Giants and Jimmy Buffet. Apart from great music I love great literature and literary things above all things. While i have not read nearly enough to be considered a literary expert I am working on it. Kurt Vonnegut, Dave Berry, and H.P. Lovecraft are among my favorite authors. I am also big on movies. Mostly older ones. Westerns, Dramas Musicals. I love them all. Casablanca is my favorite. I love art, especially Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. Also Salvador Dali. Impressionism and Surrrealism. During the summer I am a camp counselor at a christian church camp and am in charge of the entire Daycamp program. I love kids and apart from being a PSU student i work at a Middleschool as a learning assistant. I will be transferring to Millersville with an intended major in secondary ed. I will have to quite then I suppose. My favorite TV shows are Moonlighting and M.A.S.H. All other television is stupid and souless. I hate TV It is the worst. Tv Must be stopped. If we could all just enjoy TMBJ, Moxy, and Jimmy Buffet it would be a better world In closing remember what Antoine Saint de Exuprey said,"It is only with the heart that one sees rightly, what's essential is invisible to the eye."

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